Enjoy Free Scoop Day in Moderation, Says NY Nutritionist Todd Meister

coneCertainly, almost everyone loves ice cream. And they love free ice cream even more. So, when April rolls around each year, it’s time to perk up and to pay attention the free cone days coming your way. However, as nutritionist Todd Meister will remind us New Yorkers, we should eat everything in moderation.

As Todd Meister explains, “There’s nothing wrong with getting a free scoop today on Free Cone Day, but why not get that scoop and take a walk through the Park? Or park your car far away and walk an extra mile while you eat your scoop. Everything in moderation is fine.

For those of you who want that free scoop, here are the details. On April 8, Ben & Jerry will have its 35th annual Free Cone Day around the world. They will also use this day to roll out some new and exciting flavors including Salted Caramel Blondie, ‘Hazed & Confused,’ made with hazelnut and chocolate ice creams and fudge chips, and Cotton Candy.

If that’s not enough, then from April 22 to 24th, Baskin-Robbins will have a Scoop Fest throughout the United States. They will sell every single scoop of ice cream for $1, a double scoop for $2 and a triple for $3.