One Mile House Offers Beer and Great Traditional Pub Cuisine

One Mile House

At number 10 Delancey Street on the Lower East Side a new watering hole whose heart is in the past has opened. The canteen is named “One Mile House,” after a famed 19th century bar located exactly one mile from City Hall; perfectly positioned so that city politicos who needed a little brewsky while on the job could walk on over and whet their whistles while still running the city.

Today’s “One Mile House” is a comfortable meeting place with a generously sized lounge and large, airy windows letting in just the right amount of light during the day, while at night the stop is lit with rounded orbs creating an intimate and warm atmosphere.

The décor does not quite reach back to the 1800s, but does give a nod and wink to the heyday of New York during the ‘roaring twenties’ and “depression thirties,” with antique subway tiles, tin ceilings and newspaper clippings from that era decorating the restrooms.

Along with an always changing beer list which will make the most avid beer aficionado smile is a menu serving classic pub-style food such as burgers, Hot Legs, (a version of buffalo wings), and some twists on pizza. Especially fun is the once-a-month event when breweries come into “One Mile House” and do a “Tap Takeover,” offering samples of their own special concoctions.

Whether you are a politician or just a beer lover, “One Mile House” is worth a visit. 10 Delancey Street // 646-559-0702