Paulaner Re-Opens on the Bowery Better Suited to Please Patrons

Paulaner Re-Opened on May 30

Paulaner Re-Opened on May 30

As of May 30 the Paulaner Brauhaus NYC re-opened with a new, fabulous look. The restaurant/brewery now has a shorter name and a new chef to match their completely re-done menu.

Located on the Bowery, the 4,000 square-foot microbrewery shortened its handle to just Paulaner. The establishment was first opened in November, 2013, but it never really established itself as quite hip enough for the up and coming neighborhood. Wolfgang Ban, co-owner of an upscale Austrian restaurant in midtown and also Edi & the Wolf on the Lower East Side, was called in to consult on Paulaner’s new look.

“It’s always difficult to talk about a situation when you come in wanting to change it,” said Mr. Ban. “I think one of the bigger disconnects I saw was the chef who is American. I don’t think he understood the German flavor profile.”

In addition to re-tooling the menu, a 16-foot long, rustic communal table and booths was added. New lighting and interior design was created also to create a whole new look and feel.