Naomi Campbell & Egyptian Millionaire Louis Camilleri

What’s not to like? Incredibly handsome and fantastically rich, 62-year- old Louis C. Camilleri is reported to be the latest love interest of super-model Naomi Campbell, and why not? Born in Egypt to parents from the island country of Malta, Camilleri is CEO of the giant tobacco corporation Philip
Morris, as well as a director of the luxury sports car company Ferrari. Best of all, his net worth is said to be hovering in the stratosphere at the altitude of about £150 million ($197 million.)

Despite Naomi Campbell’s famous dislike of taking her dating habits to the public arena, it has been impossible not to notice the many dinner dates she has spent with Camilleri, not to mention a few trips on his private jet.

According to The Sun, “Naomi and Louis have been secretly dating for weeks. They’re all over each
other when they’re out.”

Some curious readers might be interested in how this cute couple met. Naomi Campbell and Louis Camilleri both happen to love Formula One racing, and saw each other at an event, and immediately caught each other’s eyes.

Camilleri spent his formative years in the United Kingdom, where he attended boarding school. He was once married, and has three children from the relationship, which ended in divorce in 2004. Camilleri attended University in Switzerland where he studied economics and business administration.

Campbell was never married, but she was once engaged to bassist Adam Clayton of the rock band U2 in 1993. After a year the relationship ended.

In 2012 Campbell was asked about one of her relationships, and her answer was: “I don’t discuss my private life.” She also refuses to discuss her friendships with such people as Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy, explaining:

“I don’t like to discuss private events or matters, because, naturally, I respect people’s privacy.”