Logan Hicks Completes “The Story of My Life” on a SoHo Wall

It has already been a few weeks since Logan Hicks’ mural was completed at Houston Street and the Bowery, but the crowd is still there.

Process shot from the mural Logan Hicks did in Hollywood Florida during Basel. Photo courtesy of Logan Hicks.

Process shot from the mural Logan Hicks did in Hollywood Florida during Basel. Photo courtesy of Logan Hicks.

That’s because the crowd is the mural. This must-see painting depicts a large, realistic looking crowd of people converging on nearby Spring and Greene Streets, all in a bluish hue. Hicks called the piece “Story of My Life,” and it is. The painting explores the “past, present and future here in New York City, telling the story of his life through the people who have touched him.” The artist photographed dozens of his friends and acquaintances on the SoHo corner, and then used those photographs to reconstruct the amazing city scene beautifully rendered on a wall on Houston Street.

Earlier this summer, at the end of July, the painting already suffered erasure after the artist spent three days putting the painting up on the wall. Due to the poor condition of the enclosure, combined with extreme heat and lots of rain, a layer of black paint ended up covering the painting.

The mural was created via the amazing technique of stenciling, which Hicks has mastered way beyond any ordinary ability.

Unfortunately, and despite the employ of a 24/7 security guard by building owner Goldman Properties, the mural has been “tagged,” or more accurately, defaced twice already, but quickly scrubbed clean.

We hope this masterpiece can remain intact and available for the enjoyment of New Yorkers.

New Bowery Wall Mural Ready for Viewing

Maya Hayuk Adds Color to the Bowery Wall

Maya Hayuk Adds Color to the Bowery Wall

Despite bad weather and freezing temperatures, Maya Hayuk preserved and finished her artistic contribution to the Bowery Wall, a brightly colored mural, which replaces Swoon’s work which depicted and remembered Hurricane Sandy.

Hayuk is a Brooklyn-based mural artist who is famous for her geometrical designs using fluorescent colors. Her creation for the Bowery Wall, located on Houston Street, is no exception. Hayuk is the third female artist whose work has been commissioned for the Bowery Wall after Swoon and Aiko Nakagawa in 2012.

Bearing a distinct resemblance to her other works of art, this mural uses shocking pink, bold blue, bright yellow and more to create an almost psychedelic, hypnotic, geometric effect which also blends in well with the down-home grittiness of the surrounding neighborhood.