Bowery Mural Says Happy Birthday to Martha Cooper

Martha Cooper Graffiti Wall

Photographer Martha Cooper woke up to a nice birthday surprise this past Saturday when she spied the Bowery Graffiti Wall with her nickname “Marty” boldly colored across the overwritten and blackened wall.

The surprise was arranged for Cooper by the Brooklyn Street Art Collective in honor of her 70th birthday. Especially appropriate, since Cooper has been following and photographing graffiti over the years. In addition to Cooper’s name an inscription reads as follows:

“From the Streets of the world, to the 2’s and 5’s, thanks to you our work survives.”

The following street artists and grafittitians contributed to the happy birthday gift:

How & Nosm, Faust, Freedom, Terror 161, Bio, Daze, Lady Pink, Free5, Crash, and Lady Aiko.

The folks at Brooklyn Street Art warn that it is not expected that the mural will be up for very long, as the collective put it, it will probably be available for viewing for “an incredibly short time, possibly only days.”

We suggest you get over there soon and have a gander while the looking is good. Take a few pictures before the whole thing is overwritten by the very street artists whose work Cooper has so devotedly been photographing.