New Bowery Wall Mural Ready for Viewing

Maya Hayuk Adds Color to the Bowery Wall

Maya Hayuk Adds Color to the Bowery Wall

Despite bad weather and freezing temperatures, Maya Hayuk preserved and finished her artistic contribution to the Bowery Wall, a brightly colored mural, which replaces Swoon’s work which depicted and remembered Hurricane Sandy.

Hayuk is a Brooklyn-based mural artist who is famous for her geometrical designs using fluorescent colors. Her creation for the Bowery Wall, located on Houston Street, is no exception. Hayuk is the third female artist whose work has been commissioned for the Bowery Wall after Swoon and Aiko Nakagawa in 2012.

Bearing a distinct resemblance to her other works of art, this mural uses shocking pink, bold blue, bright yellow and more to create an almost psychedelic, hypnotic, geometric effect which also blends in well with the down-home grittiness of the surrounding neighborhood.

Daniel Straus, CareOne CEO Helping Those in Need

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many companies and organizations have come together to help their employees. One such company, CareOne Management, recently had an Inaugural CareOne Disaster Fundraising Event. CareOne Management CEO Daniel Straus announced on December 6th that their first event managed to raise $1 million to aid more than 100 CareOne employees from the New York and New Jersey areas who suffered significant damage from the Hurricane.

As Strauss described the event, held Tuesday, December 4th in Woodland Park, New Jersey,  it “was a tremendous success. Many individuals, as well as corporate sponsors, contributed to raise more than $1 million to help the victims of this devastating storm. The employees of CareOne worked so hard to make this the superb event that it was.”

He continued, “It was heartwarming to witness such a splendid example of cooperation, teamwork and caring. CareOne employees have deep empathy for their co-workers and have seen first-hand the toll that this devastating storm has exacted on their co-workers and their families. We all thought it was important to come together to help those in our CareOne family as well as other individuals in the hardest hit areas.”

CareOne actually implemented a number of programs right after the hurricane. They created a CareOne Relief Store, offered support and counseling to employees and assisted employees with Federal Loan Applications.

Enjoy Thanksgiving and Beyond in New York During Recovery from the Wrath of Sandy

Tribeca’s Cosmopolitan Hotel

As New Yorkers continue the work needed to recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy, businesses are pushing forward fast and furious to get life back to normal as quickly as possible. Sandy’s wrath disappointed thousands by forcing the cancellation of one of New York’s crowning jewels for tourism, the NYC Marathon. Thousands of out-of-towners were turned away, and millions in revenue were lost when Mayor Bloomberg made the difficult, but necessary decision to cancel the highly popular race.

Now that the storm is long gone and recovery is in full speed ahead mode, it is time to once again welcome visitors from all over the country, and the world, as the holiday season approaches.  One of New York’s pre-eminent pillars in the tourist trade is the fine collection of Shimmie Horn’s Triumph Hotels. Located in some of New York’s most popular neighborhoods, these hotels offer guests luxury, convenience and style.

One such hotel, located in the Tribeca section of Lower Manhattan, is the Cosmopolitan. Only minutes away from the Bowery, one of Manhattan’s most talked-about places; and smack in between avant-garde SoHo and posh Tribeca, Shimmie Horn’s Cosmopolitan Hotel is the perfect combination of comfort, convenience and calming luxury. With only 130 rooms the Cosmopolitan boasts a private, quiet atmosphere hard to match in any other well-placed hotel.

As New York’s recovery continues a-pace, there is no better time to visit New York and enjoy with the residents there the excitement of the holidays, the beauty of the season, and the joy of overcoming adversity with the spirit of thanksgiving.