Bowery Ballroom Hosts “Rhyme Sayer” Wale

In early January Wale performed at the Bowery Ballroom to an enthusiastic crowd, filling the room to almost capacity. DJ Clark Kent spoke to the crowd for a moment before Wale hit the stage.

"Most of y'all listen to Wale's music and you just think 'oh my god, great songs!' The reason why I work with Wale is cause Wale is one of the best rhyme sayers right now," the awesome DJ exclaimed.

"What you need to understand is when I met him ten years ago, he was spitting like that then. So many people missed how good of a lyricist he is that the reason why I did it is that people recognize me for working lyricists I.E. Jay-Z, Biggie, they know me for doing that. So what I wanted to do is work with my little brother so they understood he's a dope lyricist."