Daniel Straus, CareOne CEO Helping Those in Need

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many companies and organizations have come together to help their employees. One such company, CareOne Management, recently had an Inaugural CareOne Disaster Fundraising Event. CareOne Management CEO Daniel Straus announced on December 6th that their first event managed to raise $1 million to aid more than 100 CareOne employees from the New York and New Jersey areas who suffered significant damage from the Hurricane.

As Strauss described the event, held Tuesday, December 4th in Woodland Park, New Jersey,  it “was a tremendous success. Many individuals, as well as corporate sponsors, contributed to raise more than $1 million to help the victims of this devastating storm. The employees of CareOne worked so hard to make this the superb event that it was.”

He continued, “It was heartwarming to witness such a splendid example of cooperation, teamwork and caring. CareOne employees have deep empathy for their co-workers and have seen first-hand the toll that this devastating storm has exacted on their co-workers and their families. We all thought it was important to come together to help those in our CareOne family as well as other individuals in the hardest hit areas.”

CareOne actually implemented a number of programs right after the hurricane. They created a CareOne Relief Store, offered support and counseling to employees and assisted employees with Federal Loan Applications.