NYC Presence

Shimmie Horn

Checking out Shimmie Horn hotel and NYC fashion stores

The Paul Frank Store located at the corner of Kenmare at 195 Mulberry Street has closed down.  Brown paper covers the windows along with the announcement: “Closed Forever.”  For those staying at Shimmie Horn’s Cosmopolitan Hotel – Tribeca who are disappointed at this closure, there are a whole slew of other impressive fashion stores in the area.  These include: Duncan Quinn, Ports 1961 and Christos Dovas New York Co. to name but a few.

Unfortunately, the Paul Frank Store just didn’t make it and, following around 8 years in business in NYC, had to close its doors in the area.  Still, for those who only want Paul Frank fashion, there are around 20 others that remain throughout the world spanning: Southern California, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago and New York City, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Dubai, Qatar, Bangkok, Athens, and Taipei.  Paul Frank Stores was established back in 1995 as a venture between Paul Frank Sunich, Ryan Heuser and John Oswald.  The three businessmen started off by producing vinyl accessories as gifts for their friends in a garage.  It expanded to wallets and handbags and ultimately a global grand, boasting its own stores.  In 2010 Saban Brands purchased Paul Frank Industries.