Mont Lawn Camp Gives Kids a Summer to Remember

Mont Lawn CampFor 60 years the Mont Lawn Camp, funded by the Bowery Mission of New York, has been helping kids who otherwise would probably not experience a summer camp experience, to have such a wonderful experience.

The camp, located at the other end of Sugar Mountain Road East near the border of Middle Smithfield and Lehman townships takes in 160 children for seven one week session all summer long. The kids range in age from 6-16 and come from all over the greater New York area. Mont Lawn is composed of 43 buildings, a beautiful, large lake, a pool, chapel, barn and dining area sprawled on 200 acres.

Donations to keep the camp running are collected not only from the Bowery Mission, but also from supporters such as CISCO and Pocono ProFoods. The facility is used as a retreat center during the winter when campers are not there.

“We provide a hope to the future,” said Josh Cruz, recruiter at the camp. “We impart Christian morals and values while they have lots of fun. With so much poverty and all the things going on in their families, they need positive people around them.”

Campers learn and grow in ways that are not possible under the circumstances these kids come from. Eleven-year-old Elasia Goosby, from Queens, was frightened of water before she spent a week at Mont Lawn Camp. When asked if she was still afraid of water Elasia answered:

“Not anymore,” not afraid to jump into the lake. “The counselors are very nice treating us like friends. They are like our mothers, taking care of us and talking about different things.”