New York Cabbie Turned Author Tells Tales of Celebs and More

More Stories than the Empire State Building

More Stories than the Empire State Building

Gene Salomon has been a New York City cab driver for over 36 years and has, as he puts it, “more stories than the Empire State Building.”

Those stories are the focus of the book Salomon wrote, which is scheduled to be released on January 28, “Confessions of a Taxi Driver.”

The book tells the many tales of Salomon’s encounters with celebrities over the years. According to Salomon he met 114 stars throughout his career. The veteran cabbie explains that although his job lacks many perks, the incredible tales he has been collecting over the years has more than made up for it.

In Salomon’s book he describes a ride he gave to the young Leonardo DiCaprio before he rocketed to stardom after playing Jack in “Titanic.”

In 1996 DiCaprio entered Salomon’s cab and exclaimed, “Don’t you know who I am?” Salomon said, no, he didn’t. So DiCaprio started to list the films that he had starred in. The two really hit it off as Salomon drove DiCaprio to a nightclub. Before leaving the cab DiCaprio asked Salomon, “Who was the biggest celebrity tipper you ever had in your cab?” Salomon told him that John McEnroe had given him double the meter price. To Salomon’s delight and shock, DiCaprio one-upped McEnroe and gave Salomon triple the meter.

Some of the other celebrities Salomon has chauffeured around were Lauren Bacall, Sean Penn, Dennis Hopper, and he even had Paul Simon twice.

Salomon says he told Simon that he should buy the Yankees. “Me? You want me to buy the Yankees?” Simon replied. “I don’t have that kind of money. You should talk to McCartney.”